Powerpoint Soundtrack



I have Powerpoint 2000. I want to have a music soundtrack playing throughout
the presentation (kiosk environment). I inserted the music file (mp3) into
the first slide and set the custom animation media attribute to 'loop' and
'play continuously through slides', but the soundtrack cuts out after the
first slide. HELP !


I am using 2007 version. Obviously there are differences between 2000 and
2007 versions, but I suppose the basics would still be the same.
How did you insert the music ? By
1. Animations tab, or
2. Insert tab ?
I have a feeling you were using the Insert tab......
In 2007 version,
Insert tab > Sound > select sound file > OK > prompt, click Automatically >
Automatically box, click pointer, select Play Across Slides
That's it. Music will play throughout the slides until the end.
Is the method I mentioned similar to your 2000 version ?

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