Powerpoint - looping an mpeg movie across a whole presentation.


Paul DHvV

I have a 15sec mpg movie that i want to continuously loop throughout a
presentation that we are putting together in powerpoint.

We have imported the movie, the movie is in the master slide template & we
have set it to play across all slides. this works fine on the first slide,
loops continuously, but when we go to slide 2 it just seems to playing till
it has come to the end 7 then stops.

Seems like the mouse click is affecting the movie somehow!.

How can we set this to loop continuosly throughout all of the slides & still
let the user click between slides without stopping the mpeg playing.

Any advice will be very welcome, thanks.


Hi Paul,

The main issue is that you are having several slides. Objects cannot be
passed on from a previous slide to the next one(as each slides has its own

One solution(and tedious one) would be allocating all your objects into one
slide and then sorting out their appearance object.

Also, to make my understanding clearer, what are you using the mpeg movie
for? Audio? Video? I am not quite sure what it does so I would appreciate if
you could expand on that.


Vicente Tulliano.

Paul DHvV

Hi Vicente,

its a movie, no audio, a simple loop of fire footage, 768x40 pixels.
Each time i go from screen to screen the movie reloads itself, no problem to
looping it
in a single frame its just a rel shame that it loads itself each time.

thanks for the response, regards,


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