Powerpoint 2003 master slide change using Powerpoint 2007



I created Powerpoint 2003 presentations using a master slide containing a
graphic and a textbox. The textbox is editable in Powerpoint 2003. I can
VIEW the master slide in Powerpoint 2003 and easily change the contents of
the textbox. However, when I open one of these presentations in Powerpoint
2007 and VIEW the master slide, I am unable to edit the textbox. If I remove
the background graphics, the graphic (which I want to keep) and the textbox
disappear. This effect makes me think that Powerpoint 2007 has converted the
textbox to a graphic. Is there some way that I can get Powerpoint 2007 to
work the way it did in Powerpoint 2003, so I can change the content of the
textbox and have it show up on all the slides in the presentation? Thanks in

Echo S

Are you working with the master or an individual slide layout? See
http://www.echosvoice.com/2007/editinglayouts.htm -- it might help.

Textboxes in PPT 2007 do work more like graphics, that might be why it
disappears if you omit background graphics, but I really think it's just a
matter of putting it on the slide master -- or removing it from the slide
master and putting it on individual slide layouts as appropriate.

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