Images in older presentations do not appear / are missing when inPowerpoint 2010



Office Version:Office 2010Operating System:Windows XP

Some images in older presentations do not appear / are missing when
the presentation is viewed in Powerpoint 2010.

I am working on migrating our company from Office 2003 to office
2010. We have found many presentations from PowerPoint 2003 which
worked fine in PowerPoint 2003 and 2007 but when opened in PowerPoint
2010, many of the images are missing. Some of the slides are OK, but
on some the slides the backgrounds, titles and such are there, but a
graphic is missing. We are seeing this on many different
presentations, and on many different computers, including those
running under XP-SP3 and Windows 7 (32 bit).

The images had either been copied and pasted into the original
PowerPoint 2003, or had been inserted as pictures. I am not sure of
the source of the original images, or their original format.

When opening a ppt (2003) presentation containing the slides in
questions in PowerPoint 2010, the image is simply missing from the
slide: either an empty space on the slide where the image should be,
or a content placeholder. If I open the ppt presentation in
PowerPoint 2007, the images look fine, just as they did in PowerPoint
2003. From within PowerPoint 2007, I can do a "Save As" to a pptx
format. When I open the pptx in PowerPoint 2007, everything looks
fine. When I open the pptx in PowerPoint 2010, I get a message that
the "PowerPoint has found a problem with content", and asks if I want
to repair. Following the repair, there is a message that PowerPoint
has removed unreadable content. The presentation opens and but
images are missing on the slides.

Interestingly, when I am in PowerPoint 2007 with the pptx, and I
double click the image, PowerPoint 2007 closes with the message
"PowerPoint has Stopped Working".

I am guessing that the bad images came from wmf (Windows MetaFile)
format or emf (Enhanced MetaFile) format because of this: I took a
copy of the pptx file created as a "Save As" in 2007, and renamed it
as a zip, then extracted all the components. The images causing
problems appear in the ppt/media folder as wmf and emf. They opened
just fine in PC Paint in Windows 7. PaintShop Pro X2opened them but
did not render them the same as PC Paint. PaintShop Pro squished the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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