inserting mpg2 video files into ppt 2010



I am running Office 2010 on Win 7
I am not able to insert mpg 2 video files into my presentation and get
a codec is not present error. However. the codec is there and wmp 11
plays the files perefectly externally.

I can however open a ppt file, insert the file and play it from
within powerpoint but not on a pptx file So the problem sems to be
within Powerpoint 2010 pptx file format and related media interface

If i insert into a ppt and them save as pptx and upgrade the video
element the video does not play at all.

I have used other codec packs but nothing seems to allow mpg2 files
inserted in PPt 2010 to play during a slideshow

What is happening here and am i the only one having this problem

Any help on this issue pleeease




The best way to integrate movies in powerpoint is to upload it to youtube and then embed it into your presentation.
In this way, yournpresentation will not only be very light in size, but it can also be distributed via mail without loosing the connection to the source file.
An internet connection is the only requirement.

To embed a youtube movie in ppr, you insert a shockwave flash object and chamge the settings. You can find a simple and short tutotial ( even with a free download template where all the work has been done for you):

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