Text Alignment on upgrading from MS powerpoint 2003 to Powerpoint



My MS powerpoint version was 2003 . Then I upgraded to MS powerpoint 2007. To
my surprise, all the text in the textboxes were shifted up above the textbox
margin when I opened the presentations in 2007 and also I am unable to centre
the text in 2007. This happens only when I open any of my ppts that was
already created in 2003 version.

Pls help out ..

Nino Alvarez

KERNING is the cause!. PP2003 does not control Kerning or character spacing.
PP2007 does. Upon importing the 03 version onto the 07 PC, you'll edit every
single TextBox:

Select all text / Font / Character Spacing /
Uncheck "Kerning for fonts"

Worked for me. Now have to figure out how to default to No-Kerning for
future prezs.

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