copy textbox from powerpoint 2003 and paste it to powerpoint 2007



I am facing problem in copy/paste functionality with powepoint 2007.
I have a input ppt with a textbox of font size 18. The slide master font
size is 18 for input ppt. I have a output ppt having slide master font size
as 36.
I copy textbox from input ppt and paste it to output ppt. The font size of
textbox changes from 18 to 36.
This seems to be a bug with MS Powerpoint 2007 since there is no such
problem with MS Powerpoint 2003.
Need help to solve this problem.

John Wilson

When you paste you should see an options button which gives you the option to
keep source format or use destination format. If it's turned off you can go
to Office Button > PowerPoint Options > Advanced > cut, Copy & paste and turn
it on by ticking the Show Paste Options box.

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