Power to new graphics fan. Pls help



Brought a new fan for my graphics card to get maximum cooling
possible. I noticed that the fan uses a different power connection.
Although an adaptor was supplied so I can plug my new fan in the
normal 4 pin power, I would prefer to plug it into the graphics card
so I can use smart doctor fan speed control in windows. (The fan will
speed up the warmer it gets - Doesnt actually detect the fan speed)

My graphics card is a Asus EN7950GT

The two fans (new one installed): http://www.zshare.net/image/

Original pin setup: http://www.zshare.net/image/graphics2-jpg.html

Can I remove the plastic connection slot and put on the new fan making
sure the red/black pins are the same as the other connection? It will
look like this: http://www.zshare.net/image/graphics1-jpg.html

I know my new fan is rated 5v (quiet) and 12v Max Should this be OK?
wouldnt like to burn anything out.

These pictures was taken from my K800 phone :)



I disagree, Playing world of warcraft without over clocking produces
temperatures up to 83ºC (Default set speed). It would appear the fan
supplied is insufficient: http://techgage.com/article/
asus_en7950gt_htdp_512mb/2 for temperatures.

With my new fan which i installed under the 12v power socket, produced
a MAX temperature of 44ºC when playing WOW. Thats a massive
improvement to the temperature.

Regarding the speed control, I also disagree; again, playing wow,
temperatures would decrease to 77ºC when you allow speed control to
automatically speed up as it gets warmer.



I must agree, that I think the Ram heatsink is a novelty.

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You might want to check the manual for your motherboard before you do.
All of the fan connection points on the boards I have worked on supply
12VDC. If so your fan should be ok. The third pin is what monitors the
fan. Not useing it negates the reason for using the motherboard
connector in the first place, monitoring the fan.

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