Hi. I have WinXP pro SP2 and I have a pop-up every 10 seconds saying:

"My Documents.exe - No Disk"
"There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive A:"
and it gives you 3 buttons: "cancel, try again and continue".

I pressed all 3 and it still keeps popping up every 10 seconds. How can I
get rid of it? I've ran an anti-virus software and enabled my pop-up blocker
to no avail. Any suggestions will be appreciated. TIA!

Dave M

Assuming the A-disk is a floppy drive that's seldom used, you could try
removing the A-drive from your BIOS drive specifications, re-enabling it
whenever the drive is occasionally needed. Perhaps an easier though less
sophisticated fix is to insert a blank floppy into A and leave it in there


mmm, yeah, could be. the floppy drive has never been used for years, it's
broken but i'll try your idea
i'll post back in a while

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