Playing Divx video in Powerpoint


Luigi Montevecchi

I've been playing Divx video files in my Powerpoint presentations for many
years: Now I can't no more!!!

a.. The Divx video files run in Windows Media Player
b.. When I insert a video file into Powerpoint it asks if I want to play
it automatically during the presentation, but I'm just able to see the
picture (still image) of the first frame and no video starts (even if I
click on the frame)
c.. The same problem happens both on my notebook and on my desktop
The only change I have recently made is the installation of the last version
(v.6.2) of the Divx codec

I have also tried to uninstall the codec and to reinstall the older one: no

What I have to do?

Thanks in advance

Luigi Montevecchi, M.D.

Via Alessandro Farnese, 12

00192 Roma (Italy)

(e-mail address removed)

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