DivX codec video in PowerPoint 2007



Sorry to bother. I am having troubles in playing DivX encoded AVI videos in
PowerPoint2007, in the sense that all videos inserted in a ppt presentation
are played trouble-free but the DivX ones.
For the sake of completness
- I have a fully updated version of DivX codec 6.6.1 installed
- these same DivX movies are played with no problems by Windows Media Player
(and any other player)
- these same DivX movies were played with no problems under Office XP ppt
before updating to Office2007
- The options in the tool bar of PowerPoint 2007 'insert video' or 'insert
then browsing for the DivX avi file, lead to the same result, i.e. the
video is
not played and only the first frame is visualized
- I already browsed all the Q&A of this and many other web sites without
any useful answer
- ...and yes, I did all the possible re-install and re-boot
Thank you in advance for any hint or suggestion


The problem is PowerPoint, which seems to be very picky with videos.
DivX videos won't run in every PC configuration,
so there's only one thing that will definitely work: WMV.

You could try the trialware – VidCrop in order to convert your DivX videos
to WMV.
This would be the best choice, I guess.


Dear Austin,

thanks a lot. I eventually could figure out the problem.
In a nutshell:
1) uninstall DivX codec for Windows 6.6
2) install K-Lite Codec Pack (found in the www you posted)
I contacted also Divx.com and it seems that MCI Player
and DivX 6.6 have some incompatibilites still to be solved.
I hope that this can be of some help to other Office2007 users
facing similar problems.

Thanks again,


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