AVI plays without sound in PowerPoint 2000 (and with sound in Windows Media player)


Eugene Rogoza

Hello everybody,

Sorry if this has already been answered.

I need to insert AVI video (DivX video, MP3 audio) into my presentation. The
sound doesn't play through MCI subsystem (video is OK). In Windows Media
Player is everything OK.

Have both codecs (DivX and MP3).

Please help.

Austin Myers

The DivX codec is not compatible with the MCI player (Used by PowerPoint).
You will need to convert the file to a more compatible format. PFCMedia
will do all of this automaticaly for you and you can down load a fully
functioning trial from www.pfcmedia.com

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

PowerPoint Video and PowerPoint Sound Solutions www.pfcmedia.com

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