pivot table error:Too many records to complete this operation



Working with prior functioning pivot table and after adding another worksheet
in workbook, when I want to refresh pivot table, recieve the error message "
Too many records to complete this operation" I did not change the record
number. I can not change anything on the pivot table such as reduce columns,
rows or anything that would allow me to reduce the size of my pivot table. I
only have 500 rows in table that is providing the pivot table data. I
removed the worksheet I added but still receive same error. Anything I select
on pt worksheet I receive this error. ??


You didn't include it in your post, but I'd guess you are working in Excel
2003 and that you set up your pivot table in a way that brings in at least
255 different values into the columns- this would exceed the number of
columns available in Excel 2003, and would give Excel indigestion.



additional information:
using excel 2007
17 variables in worksheet containing data that is being summarized, 500 rows
using 7 of those variables in pivot
3 levels of subtotals on 7 variables in pivot with 2 column groupings
computer memory appears adequate

thanks for any additional insight.
Jun 11, 2014
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I had this same issue and came upon the answer in another forum.

I'm using 2010 but the answer was for 2007 so it will work for either version.

While in a Pivot Table:

  • Options
  • Formulas
  • Solve Order
  • select unneeded item
  • Delete
My issue was that I had 'Formula 1' in the solve order. Now that I have deleted that, everything is working normally.

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