2nd Pivot Table on Worksheet Crahes Excel


Tom Davis

Sometimes when I try to create a second Pivot table beside another on the
same worksheet Excel crashes. Has anyone else run into this problem?

I have 4 wordsheets in the workbook, 2 with data, one as a summary of
information calculated from the 2 data worksheets and finally one pivot table
worksheet. I put identical pivot tables for the two data worksheets beside
each other on the pivot table worksheet but sometimes when I try to create
the 2nd pivot table Excel crashes with "Microsoft Office Excel has
encountered a probelm and needs to close."

This file is about 92megs and causes me not end of difficulty with Excel not
responding and taking upto an or more whenever I do anything so simple as
sorting one of the data worksheets or just deleting a line from one of them.
I have set calculation to manual and still have all of these issues. I clear
the data worksheets every month when new data arrives and frequently the
pivot tables will not refresh so I just delete that worksheet and create a
new one and put new pivot tables on it. I have been trying to create the
second pivot table for two days with nothing but the error mentioned above.

Excel 2003 SP3 running on Dell Latitude D820 with 2 gig of RAM running WinXP

Any help will bre greatly appreciated.


Tom Davis


Yes, I have seen the same problem, but only just recently. I have been
working with a spreadsheet with 2 data sheets each feeding their own pivot
tables in an Excel 2007 worksheet for the last 10 months or so, and within
the last 3 weeks or so, it just started crashing when refreshing the 2nd
pivot table. I am searching for a solution as well! I am on Windows XP
SP2 Office 2007 Pro

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