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I'm entering new data and refreshing my pivot tables. When I click refresh I get "pivot table cannot be on top of another pivot table." I've never gotten this error before, and none of my pivot tables are on top of each other..

My table looks like this (the data should be populating in the respective rows/columns but it is not)

A (data)
B (data)
C (data)
D... ect and the data is supposed to populate in the respective rows.

Instead of doing this it is adding more rows with the same A,B,C,D.. and that is why i am getting an error that they are on top of each other because the tables are adding in more rows. I cannot figure it why it won't populate on the top and why it is creating duplicates and populating on the bottom..

Instead it is doing this
A (no data)
B (no data)
C (no data)
D (no data)
A (data)
B (data)
C (data)
D (data)

I hope this makes sense. I appreciate the help!


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