Pin to Start Menu does not work for exes, depending on external files




I have got an exe which uses an external file(database) from the same
From Windows Explorer when right clicked and select 'Pin to Start menu' the
shortcut is placed on the Start menu as expected.

But when the exe is run by clicking on it from the Start menu, it cannot
find the database as it is looking in, C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\.
Right clicked on the pinned exe=>selected Properties=>It shows the Location
with the correct path where the exe resides, but does not get the database
from there.

- Is the pinning option for stand alone exes which does not depend on other
external files?
- If not, how can this error be avoid?
- Can the default searching folder(C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\) be
changed to another so that it is possible to point to the database folder?

Please, could someone advice.


Hi Jordan,

Once pinned to the Start menu, right click on the exe, select properties,
there is no "Start In" folder to set. The "Location" is display but that too
is read only.
When I right click on the exe from the original location from Windows
explorer there too there is no "Start In" folder.

Are you saying that before pinning we need to create a shortcut to the exe
and pin the shortcut to the Start menu?

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