Criteria for "Pin To Start Menu"



Can someone explain what the criteria are for having the option "Pin To Start
Menu" when right-clicking a shortcut. I have read the previous posts in this
ng that the option is only available for an '.exe' file or a shortcut to an
'.exe' file, but that does not fully answer my query.
As an example I have both Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5 and Jasc Paint Shop
Pro 9 on my PC. If I go to Start Menu | All Programs | Graphics where the
shortcuts for both are, and that right-click on each in turn, the option is
available for Photo Album but not Paint Shop Pro. Under 'target' the
respective entries are Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5 and Jasc Paint Shop Pro
9. Neither refers directly to an '.exe' file.

Regards, Richard A. King

Richard Urban

Can you open Paint Shop Pro by clicking on the shortcut? If you can, it is
pointing to an .exe file and can be pinned to the menu. Hell, just try it to
find out. That's how you learn. You can't break anything by doing this. If
you don't like what happens just remove the pinned shortcut!


Richard Urban

aka Crusty (-: Old B@stard :)

If you knew as much as you think you know,
You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!


Hi Richard,

Navigate to Start/Run/Regedit.....



Value Name: NoStartMenuPinnedList
Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
Value Data: (0 = default, 1= enable restriction)

Create a new DWORD value, or modify the existing value, called
'NoStartMenuPinnedList' and edit the value according to 0 = default, 1=
enable restriction.

Note: This setting only applies to the Windows XP Start Menu, not the
Classic Start Menu.


All the Best,
Kelly (MS-MVP)

Troubleshooting Windows XP

Richard A. King

I tried that Kelly, but it did not work. The Explorer Key under >
Policies\ did not exist so I created it and added the Dword you suggested
to it.

On the 'pinned' area of the start menu, right-clicking Photo Album offers
the option to unpin it, Paint Shop Pro does not. Also when I hover over
these entries on the 'pinned' area of the start menu, Paint Shop Pro gives
the Tool Tip "Launch Paint Shop Pro 9" which is the comment on the Shortcut
Tab under properties. Photo Album tool-tip gives both the comment and the
name of the shortcut on 2 separate lines.

Regards Richard

Richard A. King

Contact Corel/Jasc support. It is an issue in PSP9 which they have forwarded
to their developers.

Cheers anyway, Richard

Keith Miller

On the 'Shortcut' tab of the shortcut's property page, is the Target type "Application"?


Richard A. King

Sorry, that should be CONTACTED Corel/Jasc support. It is an issue in PSP9
which they have forwarded to their developers.
Regards, Richard.

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