Picture and Fax Viewer inserting pages on every .TIF


Joe Grover

I have a user (Windows XP Professional SP3) that is having a funky issue
when printing.

We have a fax-to-email system set up. Incoming faxes to our primary fax
line are delivered to the receptionist's inbox, to be forwarded to people as

Over the past several days however if she opens one of these documents to
print (they are delivered as a .tif attachment) Windows Picture and Fax
viewer is adding pages that do not exist in the .tif she received. For

I sent her a 1 page test fax. When she received it she opened it up and if
she hit Page Down or went to the Print function there were 6 more pages in
there. These pages are previous faxes we've received (the last page being
from January 2nd 2009). However if she forwards this email to me and I open
it on my machine (Vista Ultimate) or on another XP machine (XP Professional
SP3) the attachment is only the 1 page I sent.

The same 6 pages are showing up every time on every fax she opens.

As another test I used mspaint to create an image and named it test.tif. I
sent it to her in an email attachment and when she opened the file the same
6 pages were appended.

How can I clear this out? Thanks in advance.





the images in an email are stored in a temp folder from the encoded version
in the email, for viewing
windows picture viewer seeing those images, the page up page down buttons
default to 'next file' 'previous file' so the prior images are visible, but
not visible to other users, who did not get all the faxes, and may have
cleared the tif on their pc in housekeeping tasks.
some housekeeping on the receptionsist pc to clear temporary files will
(fingers crossed) wipe the ghosts

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