Photo Printing Wizard



I've searched all over the web for an answer to this and come up with
nothing. How do you turn off/disable the Photo Printing Wizard?

In the past I've used and adjusted to using the Microsoft Picture and Fax
Viewer but now it forces me to use the PPW when printing pictures. However
great it may seem to some people I don't like it and I have several users
that dislike it as well. I would like to switch it back to using the regular
printing menu such as still in mspaint.


Paul Baker

Are you clicking 'Print this image' under 'Picture Tasks'? If so, that
implies you want to use the Photo Printing Wizard.

Have you tried other methods? Any of these methods should use the
application that registered the print verb for that type of image:
'Print this file' under 'Files and Folders Tasks'



When I open the picture in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer there is a printer
icon. If you click it the Photo Printing Wizard automatically comes up. If
I right-click a picture file (specifically .jpg) and select print the Photo
Printing Wizard comes up.

If I open a .jpg in the Microsoft Picture Manager and then just go to File >
Print - the PPW automatically comes up.

The only way I've found to not use the PPW is if I open a picture in
mspaint. I shouldn't have to do that.


Paul Baker

I have what I believe is default installation of Windows XP Professional
Service Pack 2, Office XP and Outlook 2003.

Right-clicking on a JPEG file and choosing Print prints the picture using
Microsoft Photo Editor, and there is no wizard.

That is because I have this registry entry (and some others):
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jpegfile\shell\Print\command\.="C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Microsoft Shared\PhotoEd\PHOTOED.EXE" /p "%1"

It seems that Outlook 2003 removed Microsoft Photo Editor from the Start
Menu, though it is still installed, and installed Microsoft Picture Manager

My point is that with so many software vendors wanting to push their own
image editing software, the exact behaviour depends what software you have

However, you should be able to use whichever program you choose if you use
any of the methods I mentioned (rather than 'Print this image' under
'Picture Tasks') as long a you configure the file type like this:
1. Open My Computer.
2. Click Tools | Folder Options.
3. Click File Types.
4. Select the target file type.
5. Click Advanced.
6. Select print (add it if it not there) and click Edit.
7. Use the command line "C:\WINDOWS\system32\mspaint.exe" /p "%1" and
uncheck use DDE.
8. Click OK.
9. Click OK.

I'm not sure why noone has been able to explain that to you.

Beware that installation programs for your image editing software may undo
this configuration.



This doesn't seem to solve my original problem. I understand that I can have
the files open in mspaint and print via that way. The problem is I want to
get rid of the Photo Printing Wizard within Windows Fax and Picture Viewer
and Microsoft Picture Manager.

Will removing the MS Picture Manager and reinstalling 2002's Picture Editor
solve this problem? This would seem like a fairly ineffectual way of solving
the problem.

It shouldn't be this difficult to not use a wizard.

Paul Baker

I don't think you cna do anything other than avoid those pieces of software.
You can register other pieces of software register themselves for various
verbs, etc.


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