XP Pro Photo Printing Wizard - strange annoying behavior



Hi. Have XP Pro SP3, AMD 3200 proc, large disk, 1 gig RAM. Plenty of
horsepower. The Windows Photo Printing Wizard is exhibiting some very
strange behavior. I'm looking for a reg tweak perhaps.

Let's say I pull up some pictures in Windows Explorer. I double click on
one, and the Windows Office Picture Manager launches. At the top there's a
button used for calling for a print. This launches the Photo Printing Wizard
(PPW). The cursor is laying on "Next". Fine. If I mouse away and out of
the PPW frame, the frame dismisses to the Task Bar. And that's where things
get interesting. If I mouse to PPW up from the Task Bar, it appears -but-
the moment I move off of the Task Bar, the PPW frame returns to the Task Bar
thwarting my effort to continue printing. Through experimenting, I can right
click on the PPW on the task bar which calls up a small menu (Move / Close),
then, without clicking I'm able to mouse up to the frame and continue the
wizard. Now, if I "Open With" Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, and call PPW
from its Print button at the bottom, PPW works fine.

It's the dismissing to the Task Bar, that's the killer here. Also, I can
use Alt-Tab to task switch to the PPW. But then if I move off the frame,
we're back to goofy. Interestingly, while in Windows Explorer, if I right
click on a picture and invoke Print, the PPW appears but does NOT dismiss to
the task bar when I mouse outside the frame.

So there's something with the default behavior of PPW that needs to be
adjusted. Anyone here can show me how to set the options for PPW? And yes I
realize this question my belong to the Office Picture Manager newsgroup/forum
but I'm taking a shot here...

Thanks folks. Happy Thanksgiving, too.


Resolved! This behavior is controlled by "X-Mouse" where the focus on mouse
movement follows the mouse in its movement. Turned that off (using TweakUI)
and all is normal. So this really wasn't a Printer Wizard problem at all.

I'd subsequently determined that the behavior wasn't just with PPW. Thanks
go out to Swifty in the other forum.


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