Isn't there a better way to bring up the Microsoft Photo Printing Wizard ?



How do I manually start the Microsoft XP "Photo Printing Wizard"?

Normally, I keep windows folders in the "classic" configuration:
Windows XP "Tools | Folder Options | Use Windows classic folders"

However, in that classic configuration, I can't find the manual way to
bring up the Microsoft "Photo Printing Wizard".

Every time I need to print selected photographs, I have to manually switch
over to the "Show Common Tasks" configuration:
Windows XP "Tools | Folder Options | Show common tasks in folders"

Then, and only then, can I bring up the Microsoft Photo Printing Wizard by
selecting the "Print the selected pictures" button in the left pane which
brings up the desired Microsoft XP "Photo Printing Wizard".

Then, after printing, I switch the folders back to Windows Classic Folders.

Is there a better way to manually bring up the WinXP Photo Printing Wizard?
Can't I just double click on a shortcut or type a command into the "Start |
Run" window?



There is no icon for the Wizard, you can create one but that's another story.
Doubleclick the My Documents icon on Desktop, then doubleclick My Pictures,
and navigate to the picture(s) you want to print. Rightclick it and then
Print which will open the Wizard. Then you can use Ctrl+P or click the icon
on the bottom of the screen. Voila, it prints! Below is a Lesson Plan Video.
Print Images using the Print Wizard Lesson Plan,15,0,0,1,0

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