Phantom Recurring Appointment



I'm using Outlook 2003 at home, not part of Exchange. I'm using Google
CalendarSync to put new appointments onto my Blackberry. I was having some
difficulty with recurring appointments, so I created one in Outlook and
another on the Blackberry and tested the sync process. Once I saw that both
were created properly on both ends, I deleted both appointments. Neither
appointment is shown in Outlook or on my Google Calendar or my Blackberry

However, if I open my deleted items folder in Outlook, I will see numerous
deleted appointments that recurred at 30-minute intervals. I am NEVER
reminded of these events, they just show up in the deleted items folder.

When I open one of them, I'm NOT asked if I want to open the series or just
this occurrence - it only opens the occurrence. When I click on the
recurrence button, it shows the appointment to start at 7pm on December 31,
1979, recurring weekly. Changing the recurrence has no effect, the phantom
appointments still keep coming. If I go to 12/31/1979 on any of my
calendars, this event does NOT appear.

Does anyone know where this appointment might be hiding and how I might be
able to get rid of it?





Greg Beck

I have pretty much this same problem. Did you ever get a fix to this?

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