unable to save single occurrence of recurring appointments




I've got an odd problem I can't put my finger. Running OL2k7 and Exchang2k7
in cached mode.

We use an outlook calendar to schedule our conference rooms (there are 30
conference rooms and 30 calendars), and there are alot of recurring meetings.
When someone cancels or makes a change to a recurring meeting we update that
occurrence to reflect the change.

Oddly we are unable to update a single occurrence of 30% of the recurring
appointments. We can open the single occurrence but when we go to save the
user receives one of two errors

A) Cannot reschedule an occurrence of the recurring appointment
"appointment subject" if it skips over a later occurrence of the same

B) Two occurrences of "appointment subject" cannot happen on the same day

and oddly enough these occurrences can be edited via OWA.

I've exported and reimported the calendar items, cleaned off old
appointments, clean views, opened the series and shortened the subject, and
still have no idea why certain occurrences can't be edited.

Does anyone have any ideas??



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