Peer-peer logon in simple XP/2K network



I have 2 computers, one with XP-home, one with 2K Pro.
Both are on same workgroup. Everything works fine EXCEPT
the XP machine has to log in to the 2K machine to use the
shares. I have to use Explorer on the XP machine, select
a shared folder on the 2K machine, and then I get a popup
for user name & password -- after doing this all works
well. I don't get the logon prompt if I try to use the
2K machine from an app (on the XP machine - say, for
example, trying to open a Word document) -- it just
doesn't work unless I've done the logon through Explorer
first. Once the logon is done through Explorer
everything works perfectly.

On the 2K machine everything works perfectly with no such
requirement -- I can use the printer (on the XP machine),
the XP shares, etc.

The user name/password on the XP machine is identical to
the user name/password on 2K (I thought this would
eliminate the logon requirement).

Have Client for Microsoft Networks, File & Printer
Sharing, and TCP/IP (with NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled) on
both machines.

How can I either eliminate or automate this logon process?




That is interesting. I seem to have the opposite problem
I have 3 computers 2 win2k and 1 xp
The 2 win2k must login to each other but the XP never needs to login to either
I don't shut my computers down so I only need to login if both are shut down
Along the same line I have 8 computers at work running win2k and 98 and non
ever have to login. Someone help us both

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