PCMCIA not working




I have problems with my Compaq Presario 2100 Notebook on Windows XP. I
installed a WLAN PCMCIA SMC Card, even used it for a couple of months and
everything was working fine. I used a non-secure wlan. One day, the card (And
port) stopped working. Now the port recognizes some PCMCIA cards (Memory,
etc) but when I insert any Wlan or Multiport card it doesn´t recignize them,
or even beep as of hardware inserted/removed. The cards don't appear in the
device manager. I have tried the following:
- Uninstalling / Installing the cards automatically/manually
- Upgrading to SP2
- Looking for BIOS updates
- Looking for drivers updates
- Removing SP2
- Recovering the system to an older (saved) version

Please, if anybody knows what could be happening give me a hand. My personal
beleif is that someone could have hacked my computer and disabled something,
but what?...


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