PCMCIA Card does not get recognized



When I insert a PCMCIA device into my Laptops PCMCIA
slot, WIN XP Professioanl detects it as "PCMCIA Unknown
Manufacturer", and brings up the dialog box to locate the

Even after pointing to the folder containing the driver,
Win XP refuses to recognize the card.

I tried changing the PCMCIA device, but it gives the same
problem with each device.

I have all the Windows Updates installed as well as all
service packs.

Any ideas?




What type of card is it? After physically removing the
card, and removing it from the Device Manager, you might
want to try installing the drivers 1st, rebooting the pc,
then insert the card. This has helped us in some
instances at work.



Paul Goldman

I'm having the same exact problem. After successfully installing a Linksys
WPC11 Wireless PCMCIA card, I noticed that I could no longer play music on
my Windows XP Home laptop. I uninstalled the PCMCIA card, which fixed the
music problem. When I went to reinstall the Linksys card, XP identified it
as a "PCMCIA UNKNOWN_MANUFACTURER" card, and even though I pointed the
driver installation to the correct subdirectory where the XP drivers were
(which I had successfully used the day before), the installation process did
not like those drivers. It seems to not be looking for Linksys drivers. I've
tried installing the drivers first, uninstalling the drivers, rebooting the
machine, etc. Now, everytime I try and install the card, it does not see it
as a Linksys card.

Any help out there??

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