PCMCIA Compact Falsh


Robert Reid

I have a compact flash card(128Mb) installed in a PCMCIA
card adapter but Windows 98SE does not seem to configure
a "removable drive" in Windows Explorer.
The "install new hardware" wizard is configured okay but
only recognises that a device has been inserted in the
PCMCIA slot. The help files suggest adding additional
lines to my config.sys file but it also mentions an
additional system file such as MS-flash.sys for example.
How can I get this card correctly configured and working?



Pavel A.

If other cards such as LAN, modem etc work on this machine, no need to change config.sys.
Also you don't need MS-flash.sys for modern CF cards.
The card should appear to Windows as PCMCIA IDE controller with a "disk" sitting on it.
It should get a non-shared IRQ and some i/o ports.
So it is either resource conflict or wrong driver. Drivers for some CF memories are in
the drivers directory on win98 CD, or check manufacturer's site.

- PA

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