pc keeps restarting



hi there,

my pc keeps shutting down and restarting giving me the option to start in
safe mode. this keeps happening ever 1 to 2 hours.

please can anyone help me with this. we have just installed vista.



Usually Safe mode boot indicaters a driver problem. Is there a specific
function or activity you are involved at the time?


i am usually on the internet when it happens.

i am not in a specific site when it does. Sometimes it will do it as soon as
i log into vista though, but not very often.

I'ecus Wilson

need more info! that could be anything. are you getting a blue screen
before it shuts down? did you add anything new recently? have you gone
into safe mode and run a virus scan and before you go online try
removing some programs from your processor something in the processor
that's running could be triggering it to shut down once online.

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