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Sep 13, 2009
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I'll try to explain but please forgive the non technical language. A friend sent me in this direction to see if anyone can help.

I used to be able to copy and paste images from the internet into a word document without any problem.
However, recently this happens:
I copy and paste and the graphic doesn't show. There's a thin black line around where it should be but no graphic. I cannot move it, edit it, format it. Something is obviously 'there' - when I look at print preview I can see the image and when I print, it shows on the print out.
If I copy from the internet, paste into a program like Paint Shop Pro, then immediately copy (or cut) and paste into word, it's fine. I can also save as and then insert. I just can't copy and paste direct.
My co-year 21 colleague sent me a work sheet yesterday and I had the same problem - the text showed fine but the images didn't. Is it something to do with my view settings?

I do hope someone can help. It's not major but it's very annoying, especially as it used to work fine. I'll try and attach a screen shot so you can see what I see.

Many thanks in advance




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