Excel Data pastes into 2 cells not 1

Apr 30, 2017
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So when I paste date into a cell, the data pastes into the cell BELOW where I click. The cell I was aiming for is blank and the data I wanted there ends up in the cell below it.

It is as if the paste function is taking 2 rows of cells.

My job is completely stuck because of this problem. I did have success ONLY ONE TIME using "clear contents". After I cleared the cell, then the data would copy and paste as expected into only 1 cell. But "clear contents" won't work anymore.

I'm a very new user to excel but my very experienced friend who's a programmer and uses excel daily cannot figure this out either.

Thanks for any help at all!!!!


Mar 25, 2003
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Might be where you are copying from, or how you are copying, that is the issue. It sounds like you are copying a line return as well as the data, which is why it ends up in the cell below.

Test: If you double-click any word/number to highlight it, press CTRL+C to copy, and then select the cell you want to paste into and press CTRL+V to paste, do you still get the problem?

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