pasting chart getting source data from new location


Mr. Mike

I have a spreadsheet and chart of which I need several instances. When I
copy and paste the sheet, the source data for the new chart is pointing to
the original spreadsheet. My goal is to have a new sheet and chart that is
independent from the original, however works the same way. New data entered
into the new spredsheet will display on the the new graph.



John Mansfield

This functionality is by design but you can easily change the source of any
chart. To do so, first click on the outside edge of the chart. Next,
right-click on your mouse and select "source data". Finally, in the source
data dialog box - data range tab - change the source reference via the "Data
range" input.



Jon Peltier

Assuming from your description that you have multiple charts on the same
worksheet, using similarly arranged data.

1. Put some typical data in the appropriate layout and make your chart
on a new workbook. Save this workbook. This is your chart template workbook.

2. Select the range containing the data and underlying the chart on the
chart templateworkbook, and use Cut (not copy) to place it on the clipboard.

3. Select a cell on the target worksheet, and paste.

4. Close the chart template workbook without saving.

5. Reopen the chart template workbook, and the chart and data you cut
will have been restored.

6. Repeat steps 2 through five as needed.

- Jon

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