Copying charts with automatic change of data source



I need to chart a lot of small tables that I generate by copy and paste to
have different data depending on the data I paste it next to. It takes me a
long time to set up a chart for even one of these tables and I need to paste
like over 100 of them. I'd like to be able to copy the table I'm making (it
pulls data from other areas in the spreadsheet depending upon where I paste
it) along with a chart which changes as the associated table is pasted.

The pasted table works fine, but when I copy the chart, the data always
refers back to the original table. If I try and just make another chart by
highlighting the whole table and inserting a chart, I find I have to do all
sorts of changes to make the chart work.

How do I copy a chart so that the data it pulls from changes in a relational
way as does the copy/paste of Excel formulas?



Jon Peltier

What you need to do is copy the whole sheet that contains the data range
and chart. The chart on the copied sheet refers to the data on the
copied sheet. Replace this copied data with the new data, so the copied
chart relates to the new data.

If you want the tables and charts on a single sheet, select the range
that includes the table and chart on the copied sheet, cut (don't copy)
and switch to the other sheet, select a cell, and paste.

- Jon

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