Parent / Child form/subform



I have three tables that I have linked together for our training/:

Training: TrainingID, TrngCrsId,StaffId,DTG,Instructor, Memo
Training Courses: TrngCrsId,Topic, Hours, Level, EmpOrent, VoluntOrient
Staff: StaffId, Last, First, Middle, etc......

The problem is that I have lost my mind on how to link in a form/subform to
have the topic, dtg and instructor as the parent and staff as a datasheet
subform. Having two table makes this easy, but using three is .......

I have to put the DTG(Date/Time Group) and Instructor in another table
because we have several persons that will teach the same topic. So instead
of having different records for each topic with each DTG with each
Instructor, I said ok, normalize the topics. And then enter the DTG and
Instructor for each class.

I just want to know how to link using form / subform between the Training
table (using the Training Courses table) to the Staff table as the subform.




Assuming that an instructor is part of your staff, and therefore has an
associated record in the Staff table, then you don't need a separate field
for instructor in your Training table. The only value that should be stored
there is StaffID

From what I can gather from your post, your main form should be based on the
Training Courses table, with a subform based on the Training table, linked by
TrngCrsID. The subform would have a combo box to select the instructor. The
combo box would store the StaffID value, but concantenate the First, Middle
and Last names for display purposes. Also, if DTG represents the date the
training took place, then that should be in the subform also, not the main


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