Cannot Edit Data in Subforms



I have form (parent), containing student information (name, phone number,
etc.) containing 4 tabs, each with a subform (these are classes (dates,
instructor, grades, etc.). When I display a student's form, all the
information is correct (student's personal information, along with the class
information in the subforms).
I can edit the student's personal information with no problem...

The problem I'm having is if I need to change any of the information in the
subforms (need to add a grade, instructor's name), I can't do it.

I checked the properties of the subforms (I have them as datasheet view) and
they are all set for "AllowEdits - Yes" (AllowAdditions and AllowDeletions
are also Yes).

I'm stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S., I'm using Access 2002/2003.

Al Campagna

The best bet is to look at the query behind the subform.
Is the query updatable?
(in query view, the little >* new record navigation button is/is not

If not updatable, then there's something about the query,
or the query relationships, that are preventing any update.

A shot in the dark would be...
The main form should be based ONLY on the Student table, and the
subform should be based ONLY the Classes table. (no Student table involved)
The relationship will be maintained by the Parent/Child fields from the
Main and Sub
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP

"Find a job that you love... and you'll never work a day in your life."

Rob Parker

Hi Mare,

If your subforms' datasources are queries, perhaps they are non-updateable
queries. The easiest way to check that is if the subforms do not show a
blank new record at the bottom of the datasheet, the query is not
updateable. If that's the case, modify the query to make it updateable.
It's probably not updateable because it involves a link to the parent table,
which should be resolved in a subform by the parent/child link fields.



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