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Jan 23, 2014
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I am creating a movie database. I have the parent table being the basic information. I have two main sub tables being details on a movie and episodes for tv series. TV series also has a sub table for its details. I have created a single form for inputting the dvd collection. I have a field that tells me which subforms to display whether for a movie or a tv series. My problem comes from trying to tab to the subforms and across the subforms. As an example: I have a subform containing the records for the writers of the movie. As I get to the end of the writers I want the tab on the keyboard to switch to the directors record in a separate subform. I want the code to recognize a vbTab and then see if the last record is IsNull, If this condition exists I want to jump to the record on the next subform. Everything works great with mouse clicks but I am trying to make it even easier. Any help would be great. I have been searching for weeks and not gleaned enough information on how to put it all together. If you only have half a solution that would be great to hear. Maybe with what I have gleaned I can put all the pieces to the puzzle together. Thank you.

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