Outlook Signature error during spell check Text marked with "Do not check spelling or grammar" was s


John Peters

I have a user who has a large legal confidentiality signature and recently
they claim they can no longer put text in-between the large legal disclaimer
and their signature part of the signature file. So if that makes sense when
they type they noticed it no longer does the spell check as they go and if
they hit F7 they get the Text marked with "Do not check spelling or grammar"
was skipped. error message. I did notice after a Google search if they
select all the text then go to Tools Language and uncheck the do not check
spelling it works but would have to be done every time. So did something
change recently or is this the way it always worked and my user is just
overworked and is trying something new that does not work but thinks they
always did it this way?

legal disclaimer
they want to put text here

Jane Smith

Thanks in advance


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