How is text marked "do not check spelling or grammar"?



After running spell check I get a dialogue box that says, "The spelling and
grammar check is complete. Text marked with 'Do not check spelling or
grammar' was skipped." I didn't intentionally select text to be skipped, and
don't want it to be skipped. How can this be undone? How can it be avoided
in the future?

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Certain kinds of text (form data, for example) may be formatted that way
intentionally, or you may have pasted in text with this formatting. To
ensure that the entire document is checked, Ctrl+A to select the entire
document, then go to Tools | Language | Set Language and make sure that the
check box for "Do not check spelling or grammar" is completely clear (click
twice, if necessary, to clear it).

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