Outlook prompting for POP3 password


Josh Gard


I have just recently pushed out an upgrade to Outlook
2003 from my Windows 2003 SBS to my Windows XP Pro and
2000 Pro clients. The install worked fine, imported all
e-mail and contacts. I then converted all PST mail
stores to Exchange mailboxes that I have enabled on the
SBS. Here's the problem: Now, whenever Outlook 2003
attempts to check the POP3 e-mail account (which is
hosted at a separate ISP), a dialog appears prompting for
the POP3 username and password. Interesting thing is,
the dialog is already filled in, and all the user does it
hits 'OK' and Outlook proceeds to check mail.

Is there any way to eliminate this step from the
process? What happens is that a user is working in a
program, this dialog gets behind the active window and
the user never hits OK, therefore they never see their
new e-mail. Also, when the user's are set to check for
new messages every 5 minutes, it begins to get annoying.

I have verified with the ISP that the mailbox is NOT
getting locked from checking every 5 minutes. It is
simply Outlook 2003 prompting for the user to click OK
each time it attempts to Send/Receive.

Any help is appreciated!!!





Check the MS Knowledge Base on their website. There are a few articles dealing
with this issue.

It happened to me sometime ago and the info I found was quite helpful.


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