Outlook profile continually prompting for username and password, won't accept credentials


Jason C

We are in the middle of a very large migration from Notes to Exchange
2007 (~20,000 mailboxes).

Every now and then some of our migrated users report that while they
are working in Outlook, a dialogue pops up asking them to authenticate
to Exchange. Keep in mind, this isn't when they're launching Outlook;
they're already in Outlook and have been functioning normally. The
dialogue pops up out of nowhere.

But the kicker is that it won't accept their credentials. They can
type any combination of username, domain\username,
(e-mail address removed), etc, and Outlook won't accept it. As soon as they
type their password and click OK, the box comes back. And it keeps
coming back.

Kicker #2 is that if you leave the authentication dialogue box up on
the screen you can still see new mail coming in, so Outlook is clearly
authenticated properly.

Re-creating the users' profile solves the issue, but we would like to
know what causes it. Sometimes deleting the OST without re-creating
the profile will solve the issue as well.

Outlook was delivered to the machines via SMS.

Has anyone seen this before or have any thoughts around what might be
causing the issue?



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

Are you running local AntiVirus on the client machines setup to scan email?
This symptom can often be attributed to local email scanners that develop
password cache problems.

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