Cached mode and Roaming Profiles



All laptop users are using Outlook 2003 in Cached Mode along with our
Exchange Server 2003. I also want to set the users up with Roaming
Profiles, but I am running into two issues with the roaming profiles

1. If a cached mode user goes to one of our other compters like our testing
stations and want to check their email while they are their, Outlook will
create an OST folder on that test stations and sync their email. I don't
want that for security reasons.

2. Secondly, the roaming profile is stored on
\\Fileserver\ProfileShare$\UserName. When the user logs off Windows XP
syncs their profile which should cause:

C:\Docs and Sett\Username\Local Settings\Application

to sync. My and many other users OST file is over 1 GB so syncing this on
the file server with the rest of our romaing profiles can take quite a

How do I stop OL03 from caching a users mail on all but one computer and
also prevent the Outlook.OST file from syncing with the users roaming

Roady [MVP]

2) Wrong, the Local Settings folder is not part of the Roaming Profile.
That's why it is called Local Settings. If it does sync, it means you have
configured it to do so.

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