Outlook keeps prompting for authentication...



We recently installed Exchange 2000 on a Windows 2000
server (Exchange and Windows domain in native mode).
Client machines are configured to log on to Novell via
client, Windows 2000 accounts are used purely for
authenticating Exchange users. Clients access Exchange
via Outlook on their desktops with authentication scheme
set to 'None' so that they are prompted for

PROBLEM: When opening Outlook, users are prompted for
username/password and - after entering - can get into
their mailboxes. However, Outlook then periodically keeps
prompting for credentials to be entered again. If they re-
enter their details it notifies that credentials are
incorrect, else if they keep cancelling the dialog box -
it eventually goes away and they are still able to access
their mailboxes.

Any suggestions to resolve this issue are greatly


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