Outlook.ost is not an offline folder file.



Off of a clean install of Office 2007, "Cannot open your default e-mail
folders. The file C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.ost
is not an offline folder file"
The error generates during the innitial configuration, "Configuring Outlook
Accounts" ...don't have an opportunity to give it a new account before the

Have tried deleting that file, then the contents of the Outlook folder
itself, yet the error still generates, then closes Outlook w/o any further
error or error code generation.


More sheer rediculousness from M$. When users cannot connect to or do not have a default store, OL creates the OST in "Local Data" on the
local machine. OL opens, the user gets help with connecting to their box, then they continue using their email as usual... when they log
off, all data in "Local Setting" is deleted and they just lost all their mail. More professional programming for M$... You can change the
default path for Local Data to a roaming profile, but that defeats the purpose of the "local data" in the first place.

I am sorry.. I got side-tracked and forgot your question...


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