Error - "Your offline folder file cannot be configured"



Hello All,

I have a Vista Enterprise workstation running Outlook 2007 and whenever a
particular (domain) user logs on, they get the following error:

"Your offline folder file cannot be configured"


The problem is the path specified for the OST file is incorrect for this
user (but is fine for all other users who share this workstation). For some
reason, Outlook is trying to append the domain name onto the user name.

When I try to correct the path in Control Panel > Mail, I am unable to make
any modifications to the OST path. Also, I am not able to specify a new OST
location, only PST locations.

So, I tried deleting the local profile and having the user log on again, but
the problem then re-appears. Strangely, the user has no problems on other
workstations, only this one.

Just sure how to resolve this issue, so natually, am looking for help.



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