Outlook unique OST-folder creation dont work using .prf



I have a weird problem.
I manage ICT infrastrusture on ships. The clients are Windows XP with SP 3
and Office 2003 installed on it. They are connected to een local "ship LAN"
with as gateway an 3th party UMTS router with (slow) connection to the
compagny network.

Users can logon localy on the client's and they get autenticated by the DC's
on the compagny network. So far no problem.

When a user first time log on to a ship PC a local profile is being made to
drive C:\Documents and Settings\%username%. This works! Great!
At the real first time the logonscript will import a registry entry to use a
local outlook.prf file for this user. Settings which are made are:
- Set outlook client on cached mode, so an OST will be made
- set the location of the OST to D:\Personal Data\%username%\Outlook (this
folder exist, checked it)

When I first start outlook, underwater outlook wil use the settings which
are set into the PRF to create a profile for the user. After that outlook
wants to create the OST, but refuses with an error. In dutch language
"Clientbewerking mislukt" and outlook closes.

When I go to Configuration -> Email and check the advanced settings there
for the OST folder it says: D:\Personal data\%username%\Outlook\outlook.ost

This is the weird part!! %username% is not rewritten to the normal username,
so an ost cannot be created automaticaly. When I change it manualy to the
username then it works nice.

Oke now I had this client PC into the compagny network, which is fast....
%username% then is rewritten to the username automaticaly. Then there is no
problem at all.

Who can help me on this most advanced issue (for me it is since years ;) )


That will show the real username.... that works.
I use the variable at more places, eg in this *.prf for username fill...
That will show the username in the e-mail settings under control panel

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