outlook contacts vs outlook address book



i've been using outllok 2007/vista for a year. no probs doing emails.
last week i synch new iPhone. now contacts and address book do not match.
contacts in iPhone do match outlook contacts.
and, i cannot edit addressbook, where the errors are.
how can this be fixed?

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

The address book in Outlook displays data from the Contacts folder. As Russ
said, the most likely explanation is that the iPhone sync software has done
something to the Outlook contacts so that they may superficially look the
same, but have been modified in some way so that they don't work in the
address book as you expect. (BTW, you didn't describe exactly what the
problem symptoms are. That's something you'll want to do when you report this
to Apple, because it's their sync software that seems to have caused the

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