how do i get email addresses in contact address book


Greg Rhoten

I recently purchased a new Dell laptop that included Microsoft Outlook 2007.
I synced my iPhone to populate Outlook with my contacts. When I click on the
Contacts folder, I see that they are all there. I am experiencing an issue
when I use mail. When I click "New Mail" and "To:", the Contacts Address Book
pops up and lists all of my contacts but with no email addresses. I have
verified that "show this folder as an email Address Book" is checked in
Contacts Properties. I am at a loss as to how to enable the email addresses
in the Address Book. Thanks! - Greg

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Syncing is a poor way to populate your Contacts. Your electronic addresses
will not be resolved, so they will not appear in the Address Book view.
Do you have a proper Outlook data file or a backup thereof? You need to use
one of the supported methods for data transfer--posted here daily.

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