Outlook calendar/add new entry with Exchange & IMAP



Dear all,

I have Outlook 2007 with one Exchange Server account and an IMAP
account. I have configured the Exchange account as my default mailing
account. I only use the Exchange server calendar (called "Kalender"),
although the OST file for the IMAP account has a calendar (called
"Calendar"), too.

If I am, e.g., in email mode and click on "New appointment", enter a
new calendar entry, and save, the entry will be saved in the local OST
calendar for the IMAP account and not on the Exchange server account.
However, if I am looking directly at the Exchange server calendar, I
can enter appointments on this calendar.

So my question is this: How can I change the default calendar to save
new entries to the Exchange server calendar? I haven't seen an option
somewhere similar to selecting the default mailing account.

Thanks for any help,


Is the Exchange ost set as default? It should be.

Yes, it is (it's set as default data file in account settings). That's
why I don't understand what's going on.


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