Outlook 2010 questions


kavinder singh

Hello all,

I have windows7 64 bit, with 2 Gb RAM. why outlook 2010 is much too
slow. to open a mail it need more than 10 seconds. when my RAM is free
nearly 50%. I reinstalled 2010 twice but speed is same.

why it always give send receive error. never says send receive
completed, though I get all the mails. but error really annoys.

I can not take back up from 2007 psd file. when I paste this in the
same folder outlook2010 automatically make a new PSD file with the
same name incuded1. and now there they becomes two mail account
unnecessary. now doing this led me to get all more than 10000 of my
mails in new account what already have been read. and now deleting
them one by one is big task because every deletion take more than 15
second (too slow).

how to take my contacts from outlook2007 (in another system) for
outlook 2010 to save here. because saving 2007 PSD files in 2010 is
just stupidity now.

please help.

Peter Foldes


See if disabling all your COM Add Ins solves the issue. If it does then add each one back one at a time until you find the culprit

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Hello kavinder singh,

I can do it for you.
Please reply if you want it.

Regards Andrej

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