Outlook 2007 stops downloading emails



My system is – Windows Vista business / MS office 2007 sp2

I have a strange problem with outlook. I am not sure but I suspect that
this problem began after I update office to sp2

I have several email accounts with the same ISP. For example, say, I have
acct#1 and acct#2

Sometimes during the day outlook stops downloading emails. There were no
emails in outbox.
This particular time it happened while downloading from acct#2. (acct#1 had
no emails.) I got stuck at "receiving message 4 of 4 (8.9 mb of 8.93mb) " for
over 30 minutes.

I cancelled send/ receive. Then I clicked on send/receive.
- now it got stuck at "preparing to send and receive" – I left it for 30

I cancelled send / receive
Tested all email accounts. Microsoft sends out an email -

Using webmail (from my ISP), I moved all 4 emails in acct#2 to “draftâ€
folder. Thus there were no emails in acct#2

I clicked on send/receive.
- now it got stuck at "preparing to send and receive" – I left it for 30

Cancelled send/ receive and closed Outlook.

I could not start outlook again.

From task manager, I cancelled outlook (it was running there)!!!

Now it worked just fine.

This happens few times a week.

Any suggestions?

Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

Agree ... I do not know what happened... while posting

The problem is the buggy web interface. USe a real newsreader, like Outlook
Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Forte Agent, Thunderbird, or the
like and you won't have that problem again.


Thanks... I just got out of window mail (outlook express does not exist for

There must be some way to solve this problem.

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