Emails with attachments sending multiple times



I'm using Outlook 2007 and have 2 email accounts set up through Outlook. I
can receive emails with & without attachments through both accounts ok and
can send emails without attachments ok through both accounts. The problem is
when I try and send an email with an attachment (have tried different types
of files and have same problem). The message gets stuck in the Outbox and
Outlook continues trying to send until I delete it out of the outbox. The
email doesn't list in the sent items folder however people are telling me
they are receiving these emails 25 to 30 times.
Any advice on solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.



Duncan McC

Did you try reading/searching any of the other similar posts in this
newsgroup? - you'd find your question has been answered on multiple

The following items will cause your problem...

* disable AV scanning in Outlook (you don't need it, the realtime AV
protection will do just that - protect you).

* your outbound email is *waaay* too large

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